Black Opportunity Fund continues to be in the spotlight

Investors across Canada are eager to learn more about the fund. Dennis Mitchell breaks it down in an interview with the Uncommon Sense Investor at Davis Rea:

Black Business in Canada

We’ve heard from hundreds who attended the Black Business in Canada Town Hall on October 28th, that systemic discrimination in the banking industry, is a major hurdle faced by Black entrepreneurs when it comes to securing capital.

CBC producer, James Donne, took a closer look at this issue and acknowledged Black Opportunity Fund as one of the solutions to tackling this problem.

Bloomberg Canada

The Black Opportunity Fund was created to combat anti-Black racism in Canada. Co-founder, Colin Lynch, tells BNN Bloomberg exactly how it plans to accomplish its mission.

The Globe & Mail

Ray Williams, co-founding director of BOF lists the many reasons he is thankful for the Black community’s past and present contributions to Canadian life, and how our futures can be brighter still.

Innovating Canada

BOF’s, Colin Lynch, discusses the role of strategic partnerships in building and sustaining a booming Black business network of communities.

Toronto Foundation

Ray Williams, co-founding director of BOF, is on a shortlist of fundholders being lauded for philanthropy and advocacy in the name of racial justice.