Podcast – Community empowerment through the Black Opportunity Fund

Black Opportunity Fund co-founder, Ray Williams, sits down with Meres Weche for a podcast interview on his show, Afropolitan Dialogues by AfroToronto.com. Click here to Listen to the podcast interview.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy among Black Canadians

Black Opportunity Fund and the BlackNorth Initiative hosted a nationwide Covid-19 Town Hall in March 2021. Black medical experts from across the country were on hand to address community inquiries and answer the vaccines’ questions.
Several media outlets were also interested in the discussions.

Elise Stolte: Black, Indigenous and other seniors in grave danger as variant COVID-19 strains grow

How can I describe the tragedy unfolding? There’s a train barrelling down the tracks toward a small group of Edmontonians and they’re not jumping out of the way.

I’m writing, of course, about the COVID-19 vaccine and the threat of a variant-driven third wave. Every day, 11,000 more Albertans are getting their doses of life-saving vaccine. But Black, Latin American and Indigenous Albertans are least likely to be among them.

Nationwide town hall hosts Black Canadian medical experts to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy within Black communities

With concern growing that Black Canadians are reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine despite being disproportionately more likely than other groups to contract the disease, health care workers knew they had to address their community directly.

Canada’s economy can’t afford to leave the Black community behind

OPINION: This country will not be able to “build back better” if we don’t tear down the barriers preventing Black Canadians from contributing to economic prosperity

By Colin Lynch – Published on Feb 25, 2021

Giving back is a priority for accomplished business leader

We have 51 co-founders of the Black Opportunity Fund. Here’s a spotlight on Colin Lynch, who was recently appointed to the inaugural Board of Directors.