Who We Fund
Black Opportunity Fund

The Black Opportunity Fund supports Black non-profit and for-profit endeavours by issuing philanthropic grants to scale up Black non-profits and produces capacity-building investments to scale up Black businesses.

CILAR Black-led Business Grants Program
In partnership with CILAR and Pitch Better, Black Opportunity Fund is providing cash grants, funded by Facebook Canada, in response to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s Black-led business community. At Black Opportunity Fund, we recognize the importance of responding to urgent community needs, while taking a long-term approach to building pathways to greater business sustainability.

Congratulations to our program recipients!

Business Province Website 
Ellie Bianca AB https://store.elliebianca.com
Kashan Persian Rugs AB www.kashanpersianrugs.ca
Get Consulting Inc. AB unknown
SketchDeck.ai AB www.sketchdeck.ai
Kemet Advanced Manufacturing AB www.kemet.care
Tommie’s Jerk BC @tommiesjerk
Hogan’s Alley BC www.hogansalleyclothing.com
Arabellsoft BC www.arabellsoft.com
Guardian Angel Cleaning BC www.puritycleanvictoria.com  www.guardianangelcleaning.com
The Real Patty Co. BC www.eattherealpatty.com
Future Capital BC www.myfuturecapital.com
Grape Experiential MB www.callusgrape.com
Ambience Hair Studio MB www.ambiencehairstudio.com
Street Food World MB www.streetfoodworld.ca
Felicheeta Artistry MB www.felicheetaartistry.com
Aquafort AI NL www.aquafort.ai
Ogaga Johnson NL www.ogagajohnson.com
Island Segways Plus NS @island_segwayplus
Kosa Wrap Shop NS www.etsy.com/ca/shop/kosawrapshop
The Biscuit Eater Cafe & Books NS www.thebiscuiteater.com
Karegaroo ON www.karegaroo.ca
KGC Farms ON www.kgcfarms.ai
BR[AI]YT ON https://braiyt.ai/home-2
DQ Construction ON https://dqconstruction.ca
FLOCK ON www.eatflock.com
Uchanics Inc ON www.uchanics.com
Be One to Give ON www.b12give.ca
Alison Coombs Wellness ON www.alisoncoombs.com
Stush Patties ON www.stushpatty.com
Quality Canadian Cleaners ON www.qualitycanadiancleaners.com
Renew ON www.renewsupervision.com
BeBlended ON www.beblended.ca
Technical & Automation Help ON www.techautohelp.com
Woo Your Boo ON www.wooyourboo.com
Trotman Communications ON www.trotmancommunications.com
Plentea ON www.plentea.ca
ABA Hughes ON www.abahughes.com
SamSound Productions ON www.samsoundpro.com
Afrotechture ON www.afrotechture.com
Lesley Hamilton ON @purplepaintnights
Riddim Fit ON www.riddimfit.com
EmChill ON www.emchill.com
MICC PE micc.app
Chez Nyota Mart PE @cheznyota
Tempehine QC www.tempehine.ca
Blacbiblio.com QC www.blacbiblio.com
Black Montreal Experiences QC www.blackmontrealexperiences.com
Les Jardins Lakou QC www.jardinslakou.ca
X3R Propulsion QC www.x3rpropulsion.com
Miscellaneum Studios QC www.miscellaneumstudios.com
Workind QC www.workind.ca
Jenthera Therapeutics QC www.jenthera.com
Technovation Montréal QC www.technovationmontreal.com
Global Pot Fusion Cuisine SK www.globalpot.org